Mastering Storage During Home Reno

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More often than not, homeowners think that renovation projects don’t require a lot. In their mind, it will only take moving a few things around. Lo and behold, everything turns upside down when the renovation project begins because of the dust and debris. Precisely why storage during home renovation is mandatory. Again, contractors can work better when the room being renovated is cleared.

That said, here is exactly what you need to know about storage when renovating your home.

Storage Solutions for Home Renovations

You can explore several options to store your items during the remodelling process. The three main storage solutions you can settle for include:

Designate a Room in Your Home for Storage

Right off the bat, the cheapest storage option during home renovation is a spare room in your own house. This could be the guest room, garage, or any other room that’s not frequently used.

Choosing a designated room in your home is perfect if the renovation is only for a few rooms and not the whole house. If it’s the entire house, you may be better off with self-storage.

When choosing the storage room, it will be wise to consider that most renovation projects, especially ones that require a considerable amount of work, may go off schedule. Thus, the room should be one that you rarely use, if at all. Perhaps a garage or a cellar will be a good fit.

Another important point is to label boxes when packing. This makes it easy to retrieve items when you need them. Further, as you pack boxes, remember not to pack important things that you may need from time to time.

Store at a Friend’s or Family Member’s Place

The next option is inquiring from friends and family whether they have spare space you can borrow. If you are fortunate enough to get one, you want to inquire early on how long you can store your items. Again, consider the cost of moving the said items from your house to a friend’s place.

Rent a Self-Storage Container

You’ll have to resort to self-storage if the first two options fail. Here you have two options. You can opt for the traditional self-storage at a facility or rent a portable self-storage.

For a traditional self-storage facility, it will be best to store your belongings in a climate-controlled self-storage. So, take your time when searching for a facility with competitive prices, security and insurance just in case of any eventualities.

A portable self-storage is a great option, as you can clear all the items from your house and store them in the container in your driveway. You can also quickly retrieve any items when you need them. But, before you settle for this option, find out whether your town or village has any regulations concerning portable self-storage. If you need a permit, ensure you get one in advance.

Lastly, make sure you get a heavy lock for the self-storage container. Most storage companies don’t provide a padlock.

What to Store During Home Renovations

When planning storage during home renovation, you must plan and prepare all your belongings in advance to ensure everything is out of the way and safe.

Depending on which part of the house is renovated, you'll need to store several items during the renovation process. If you are remodelling the sitting area, then straight up, you can start by emptying couches, throw pillows or any other accessories and packing them into boxes. This will make it easy to move the furniture within the house. However, suppose you are storing the furniture in a storage facility. You don't need to separate the parts.

The wall arts, picture frames, and paintings should be wrapped and stored in boxes. Books should go into boxes, same as toys. For toys, you can leave some to keep the kids busy. Documents and files should be packed in water-resistant packaging and kept safe.

You should also pack and store clothes in boxes and label them using the owner's name. The rule of thumb is to start by packing seasonal clothes. You can keep the clothes you'll wear in the coming weeks or months at hand.

Tips for Storage During Renovation

Storage during renovation is as important as the renovation work itself. So, here are the tips to make this process easier and pave the way for the remodelling of your home in no time.

Declutter Your Home

After the renovation, you want your house to look new. The first part of making that a reality is getting rid of all the stuff you no longer use or need. Throw away all the things you don't need. The usable ones you can donate to charity. Only store items that you'll still use after the house remodelling process.

Pack Electronic Devices

Electronic devices can easily get damaged during the renovation process. So, your best bet is to ensure the stereo, TV, fridge and other devices are cleaned and well-packed before the process begins.

As for the leads, cables, and cords, fold them neatly before taping them on the individual devices. As for the fridge, ensure you've emptied all its contents. From there, clean it. You can wipe it with a soapy cloth and then rinse it with clean water. Once it's clean, take it to a self-storage facility. Don't shut its door completely. The best practice is to leave it slightly open so it doesn't smell.

Consider Self-Storage Container

Self-storage is the best option when renovating the whole house or several rooms. You can hire a portable self-storage container, which will make it easier to store items and move them back once the rooms are done.

Get Estimates and Stick to Your Budget

Last but not least, the budget. A home renovation cost can quickly escalate, depending on the extent of the renovation. For that reason, you want to make sure every penny counts. Hence, budget for everything, including self-storage services.

Once you know how much you will spend on storage, you can request quotes from 3 to 4 storage companies and compare their prices. Check reviews, too, just so you are sure of their services. Settle for a storage company with competitive prices and the best services.

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