Hacks To Taking A Property Off The Market

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The housing market is fiercely competitive, with buyers and sellers alike keeping cards close their chests. One of the most stressful periods of buying a house is that ‘limbo’ period between your offer being accepted and the house getting taken off the market. A suspicious mind would put this down to the buyer waiting out for more money. Sadly that’s often the case, but it doesn’t make it fair and you shouldn’t stand for it.

Put It On The Dotted Line

As with all things mortgage-related, the trick is to prepare. If you haven’t yet made an offer, make it a condition of the agreement that the buyer withdraws the house. Say it loud and say it again; if you assert yourself and show them you mean business, they’ll take your offer seriously. As the saying goes, it can’t hurt to ask.

Take Your Business Elsewhere

If the above doesn’t work, then apply the reverse effect. Rather than ask the buyer to take the property off the market, take yourself out of the agreement! Tell them that unless they acquiesce to your demands, you will simply walk away and look elsewhere. While this sounds like a blunt thing to do, it is surprisingly effective. Sellers want to sell, and though they’ll have a glazed eye over the competition, they won’t refuse a legitimate offer.

Streamline Everything

Every process, handshake and paperwork should be done speedily and efficiently. Do not delay in signing application forms, and come prepared with a certified surveyor so you can get an appraisal on the house without any hindrance. If the lender has arranged for a valuation, ask for their direct details so you can arrange dates without a middle man. Even if the seller doesn’t take the house off the market, the chances of another buyer will be slimmer if this ‘limbo’ period goes fast.

This is just one part of many when it comes to buying a house. We noticed a very efficient list on the HOA website, so it’s worth keeping that bookmarked for the bigger picture.

Simple hacks to getting your house off the market

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