8 Tips When Going on a Cross-Country Move with Your Dog

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Regardless of how you like to travel, moving cross-country with your dog presents special challenges. When moving cross-country, be aware that it comes with stress, and it can be an overwhelming process for you and your pet.

Not to worry—the big move doesn’t need to be traumatic for your pets. Here are tips to make a move for your pets go as smoothly as possible:

Take Your Dog to the Vet

Before the long-distance move, make sure you schedule a checkup with your vet and be up-to-date on their vaccinations. Remember, underlying health issues may come to the surface when you’re on the way to your new home. You don’t want parasites taking advantage of your dog’s immune system during this time.

Invest in Kennel Training

If you plan to use a kennel for the move, you need to train your dog ahead of time. Otherwise, it could turn into a stressful and scary experience for your dog when you put them inside the kennel on the moving day itself. The unfamiliarity can bring discomfort and can stress your dog even more. This stress

Pack Smart

You need to pack some of your dog’s stuff in a separate container. You want easy access to food and water dishes, water bottles, kibble and wet food, and toys.

Get Storage Units Ahead of Time

Minimise your trips in and out of the house when you’re packing stuff. This is because your dogs are sensitive to you leaving when the house is empty. With that, getting storage units as early as possible will reduce your dog’s stress and make your life less hectic.

Tire Them Out

On moving day, wake up a bit earlier to take your dog out for a good walk. Tiring them out before the movie starts will make the day less stressful for them. You will also get the much-needed endorphins that will keep you active throughout the day.

Don’t Forget the Tags

You don’t want to lose your dog during the move, and it’s unlikely they’ll go missing. Still, it’s essential to ensure they have a tag (or even a chip) just in case. Make sure your dog’s tag has your contact details on it.

Consider a Calming Spray

Not all dogs are chill inside the car; fortunately, you can get a calming spray you can use. Calming sprays contain natural substances that can induce a sense of calm in your dog. It can help them deal better when they’re in a car or a crate.

Go on Frequent Breaks

Your dog will need a lot of bathroom breaks, so if you’re driving cross-country, make sure you stop every two hours or so. If you’re in a hotel room, make sure to take them out frequently for pee breaks and to stretch their legs.

Final Thoughts

You can make cross-country move less stressful for your dogs. All you need is to follow these tips, and you can expect things to go as smoothly as possible. After all, the less stressed they are, the more likely the trip will go smoothly.

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