Tools You Must Have When Moving House

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You can only get so far without the right tools. This article will get you geared up to achieve a stress-free, organised and fully kitted house removals.

Small Tools

These are kind of items you can buy in a DIY shop. It’s probably a good idea to buy multiples of these items so that people can use them simultaneously; no one wants to be the duct tape hog!

Packing Tape

Packing tape is invaluable when putting boxes together. Make sure you buy a good quality version that sticks firmly to the cardboard or packing boxes; some of the cheaper brands are flimsy and won’t last the full move.


It goes without saying that scissors are needed many times when you move house, not only for cutting tape but also for the satisfying glide when you tear open a sealed box.

Low Tack Masking Tape

Masking tape is the tearable, weaker counterpart to packing tape. It’s no good at holding boxes together, but its low tack makes it perfect for temporary fixes that don’t rip off paint. It’s best used to keep drawers stuck firmly to their cabinet units.

Extra tip - Bunch some masking tape into small oval shapes, then stick them to sharp corners such as coffee tables or large painting frames. You'll protect both the item and its surroundings from unwanted bumps.

Clingfilm/Plastic Wrap

Large amounts of clingfilm can be used to secure multiple items together. When all is said and done, leftover clingfilm is welcome in the kitchen.

Clear Ziplock Bags

When you clear a room, there comes a stage where everything left is small and fiddly: keys, spare batteries, ornaments, stationery. If these aren’t breakable, you can lump them together in ziplock bags to unpack at the new place. This is especially useful when clearing out drawers.

Large Tools

Utility Dolly

If you don’t own a dolly, you can rent one. Either way, this one is a moving “must have”. Dollies save time, effort and decrease the risk of injury when you are moving large items. You might also want to invest in some ropes and straps to keep items secured to the dolly when you are moving.

Moving Blankets

You can get specially made moving blankets, or you can use old bedlinen and spare carpet. The point is to cover and protect furniture, ensuring upholstery doesn’t get stained and sharp edges are softened.

Rain on moving day? Clean blankets are also great at covering floors to ensure they don’t get soiled by muddy boots.


Tarpaulin does the same job as moving blankets but for outdoor furniture - see here for details. Having your wooden tables and chairs wrapped in tarp ensures none of the dirt or bugs land on indoor items.

And that's it! The better prepared you are, the less stressful your removals in York is likely to be. We hope this has been useful and wish you all the best with your move!

Tools for moving house

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