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The property market has grown to immeasurable levels in the past years. This has come with the hurdle of finding the right home amidst the many options, and that’s where the best property websites come in handy.

Property developers, landlords and agents can easily list houses on the websites and find their clients with a click of a button. However, the sheer number of these websites is overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of the ten most reputable property websites in the U.K.


Property websites

1. Rightmove

Rightmove is the leading best property website in the U.K. property market. It’s been dubbed the king of the industry, given that the number of property listings at any given time is a staggering 800,000. The website also has the highest number of users.

The site has property for sale and rent and several search tools that make it easy to navigate the many options. On the downside, the many property listings can make it difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Secondly, listing on the website will cost you a few pounds, ranging from £50- £60 a month. And lastly, if you are not an agent, you can’t list on Rightmove.

2. Zoopla

Since its launch in 2008, Zoopla has grown to be the most extensive property sourcing website in the U.K. The site provides market value information about the listed properties, which helps users make informed choices when searching for a house.

Zoopla has several features that help sellers list and buyers find just the right property that meets their needs. A seller can use the valuation tool to determine the worth of their property. Buyers can easily find properties using the features available. For example, using the travel time search, one can find properties within the distance they would like to travel.

3. Home

Home is a comprehensive property website with properties listed from all across the U.K. The website makes it easier for users to find a property within their desired areas as one can draw boundaries of the place they want to find properties.

You can also create your profile on the website, save your favourite property listings and return to your search later. Besides property search, you can read about recent property news on their property news page.

4. OnTheMarket

OnTheMarket stands out as the simplest website when searching for property online. The website is divided into four sections that come with additional filters. These filters make it easy to navigate the thousands of property listings and find suitable property faster. It’s also worth noting that this website has limited filters, making it the easiest to use compared to its competitors.

5. HomesGoFast

HomeGoFast is one of the best international property websites that also features U.K. properties. The website provides listings for rentals, holiday villas, houses for sale, commercial properties and investment apartments for over 50 countries. The site is open for property developers, agents and homeowners to list their properties.

The one thing that makes HomesGoFast unique is the fact that your listing will have a wider reach—on their website and social media handles. When listing, part of their terms allows them to create captions about your property and use the captions for advertising on their social media pages.

6. Prime Location

This is a niche property website for the middle class and upper-tier buyers looking for luxurious properties worldwide. This website provides detailed property listings at a reduced price in over 60 countries. It has advanced search features that make it easy to zero in on your search.

7. Nestoria

Unlike other property websites where the listings are on the site, Nestoria is a search engine that brings together property listings from different portals. This makes it easier to access multiple site’s listings under one umbrella. Once you’ve clicked the property you would like to know more about, the link takes you to the website that listed the property, where you can get more details.

As the fifth-largest property in the U.K., Nestoria has a wide range of listings throughout the country. Their advanced filter options make it easy to sort different properties by type, relevance, location and freshness. Nestoria is perfect for finding a property in a specific area, though it will take a lot of work as many property websites are listing on the site.

8. Smart New Homes

This website is exclusively for finding newly built properties. Smart New Homes list a wide range of new homes across the U.K. with the help of over 250 developers whom they work with.

The website is easy to navigate as it has an advanced search function that allows property buyers to apply filters and find relevant properties easily.

Apart from the new homes, they also share helpful information about government incentive schemes and challenges that first time home buyers experience. If you are a first-time buyer, this is just the right website for you.

9. Nethouseprices

This property site has been around for 50 years. It’s one of the first property websites in the U.K. Today, Nethouseprice stands out as the most visited property website from the U.K. Apart from property listing for sale and rent, the website has a free, up-to-date valuation tool. Just like other property websites, they’ve gone a notch higher to share property news and advice.

10. Waterside

Waterside website is a unique website that specializes in showcasing properties near water bodies. The houses and apartments listed are either near a river or marine. You can also find moorings and boats on sale.

You can use the location, property types and price filters to search through the thousands of options and find the perfect property with a water view.

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