Turn Your House Removal Into A Green Movement!

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 Moving house can be a drain on mental, physical and earthly resources. However, just because you’re using petrol does not mean your removal should cost the earth. There are plenty of little things you can do to ensure that relocating causes the least damage to the environment. If done right, you can even turn your move into a green movement!

Clean With Kindness: Use Ecologically Friendly Products

It’s easy to forget the amount of harmful chemicals that go into cleaning products. It’s easier still to overlook the amount of cleaning required when you move home. As you stock up on supplies, consider the environmentally friendly alternatives to Vanish and Mr Muscle.

Fragrance free, plant-based solutions like Ecover offer just the same results but with a cleaner peace of mind. Won’t you feel better knowing you’re cleaning sustainably, with a solution that can’t harm the kids and hasn’t hurt animals?

Save Your Packing Gear 

A typical house move takes up a vast amount of cardboard. Boxes are unavoidable, but once you’ve got them you can save them. If you stack and fold them carefully, you can fit dozens of cardboard boxes into the equivalent space of a small wardrobe. Better still, you can stash them all in the loft! Not only will they be out of harm's way, they will also help insulate the place and reduce your energy bills - win win!

Creative types can get on board our alternative suggestions for reusing packaging material. 

Get Boxes Responsibly

If you must buy brand new boxes, consider the following:

  1. Go to your local shops and ask if they have any spare packaging out back. Many do, and will be glad to help out by handing you their unused clutter. A round trip to the retail park could leave you with dozens of good boxes.
  2. Don’t just buy fresh boxes from a local stationery store; shop around for responsibly sourced providers like Sadlers.

Get A Head Start With The Bike 

Many of our removal jobs take place across small distances within York. Those of you who don’t have far to travel could get a head start and cycle some of the goods before we arrive. Yes, it’s not the most efficient way of doing things, but in one afternoon and a backpack you could deliver a car’s worth of items to the new house. Furthermore, cycling around will make you match fit for unloading, and get you acquainted with the new neighbourhood.

These are just a few suggestions to making your house move feel a little greener. If you’ve got any of your own, we’d love to hear them.

turn your removal into a green movement

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