The Difference Between Urban & Rural Removals

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As we’ve discussed on our blog, York enjoys a balance between the busy city and its surrounding towns and villages. There is a mix of rural and urban life that makes the area attractive to residents, ourselves included. At 1Van1Man, we’ve seen our fair share of the two removal types, whether that’s hauling sofas up tight apartments or dismantling sheds in wide open gardens. So what differences have we noticed between city dwellers and country lovers in their removal needs?

Urban Removals

One thing that’s obvious when we set foot in a city apartment is the furniture issue. Sofas, wardrobes and book cases are the biggest culprits; moving them up and down storeys is daunting, especially when the building does not have a lift. As removal men, our responsibility is to reassure the customer that it’s taken care of so that they can concentrate on other possessions. You wouldn’t believe the surprise on their faces when we ease a leather sofa through corners and stairwells. We don’t claim to be magicians, but we do have a deft hand in moving bulky wardrobes!

Rural Removals

Living in a city can be tiring, and many residents choose to vacate after a while. Whereas urban removals work in smaller spaces, rural house moves make use of larger ones. The further out we go, the more horticultural our job tends to become. Great care is needed in transporting the resident’s gardening wares - from seedlings and planters, all the way to sheds and sometimes tree houses! There is an earthier quality to rural removals that we like, and we take extra precautions to line the van so that nothing gets dirty in transit.

One thing that’s equally present in the two - boxes! 1Van1Man cannot get enough of them. Whether we’re in the centre of Sheffield or the outskirts of Dunnington, our days are rife with boxes.

Urban and Rural Removals

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