Planning an Office Move? Here’s What You Need to Consider

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Moving office can be challenging even in the best of circumstances. You want to plan, prepare, pack and still operate your business. As if that is not enough, you have to hit the ground running in your new premise. So, to help you make this exciting yet stressful move easier, we’ve compiled crucial pointers to help you know exactly what you need to look into when moving your business.


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Communication is vital when moving a business. You first need to inform your staff. Inform them why you need to move and the benefits of the relocation. Let them air their concerns openly. Also, provide a platform where they can be involved since the moving process might disrupt their daily routine.

You also want all your customers, suppliers, contractors and partners to know about your move in good time. Formally communicate to them about your relocation. It’s equally crucial for your landlord to know about your move. Notify them in advance.

Here are several strategies you can use to inform all the stakeholders about your move.

  • Post on your social media handles that you are moving office.

  • Add a notice in your e-newsletter about your change of location.

  • Change the address on the invoices and receipts.

  • Place a notification on your website about your move.

  • Update your new address on the Google My Business listing.

  • You can add your new address to your postal campaigns, email footers, and stationeries.

  • Distribute flyers with the change of address.

Lastly, remember to notify your insurance company and bank about your relocation. The goal is to spread the word as far as possible.

Appointing a Move Manager

You’ll want to appoint someone to liaise with the employees, the moving company, and the landlord of your current business premise and where you are relocating.

The move manager should be someone who can multitask, is detail-oriented and is a problem solver. Perhaps the office administrator will be the best choice for this position. But if you can get an employee with previous experience in business relocation, that will be even better.

You can go further and appoint an assistant who will be in charge while the move manager is out taking care of the relocation logistics. The assistant will be in charge of the daily tasks associated with the move.


Coming up with an office moving cost can be challenging even when you think you’ve put everything into consideration. There are high chances of the cost rising due to things you might have overlooked. Thus, it will help to leave room for things you might not have considered. However, be careful not to go overboard.

The best way to go about the office relocation cost is to develop an inventory of everything you’ll need to be moved. With a comprehensive list, the moving company can give you an accurate estimate. Better still, you can consult a moving company from the beginning and let them evaluate your stuff and come up with a quote.

It will help to have an itemized list of all the expenses as the moving plans progress. This way, you can track the moving cost easily.

If anything comes up after you get the quote, be sure to inform your movers to avoid ridiculous bills at the end of your move. Lastly, it is cheaper to work with one mover who can handle all aspects of your moving needs.

Hiring a Moving Company

Whether it’s within York or a different city, the services of a moving company specializing in office removals will come in handy. A moving company will guide you in the whole process both before, during and after the move.

Specialists in commercial relocation will guide you on the logistics and resources you’ll need for a smooth relocation. They’ll also help with packing and unpacking in your new office. They’ll handle with ease things that would otherwise stress you, like dismantling and reassembling furniture. At your request, they’ll clean both the old office and your new business premises.

An office removal company will ensure your move is seamless and done to the highest standards possible. And that’s exactly what we promise at 1 Van 1 Man Removals. We take care of all types of commercial and retail company moves. Our movers operate on weekends, holidays, out of office hours and evenings to ensure minimal to no disruption of your normal business operations. Contact us today for a stress-free office move.


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Moving Timeline

You’ll be more efficient if you start the office relocation with the end in mind. This will help you schedule the deadline then work backwards to slot different tasks. When scheduling the moving day, make sure it doesn’t coincide with the busiest days of your business. You’ll also want to avoid moving during the busiest time of the year.

Again, as you work on your timelines, make sure every employee is on board. Work on a timeline that works for everybody to avoid the last-minute rush. To do this effectively, create an inventory of all the tasks and assign each employee a task and a deadline to deliver.

You’ll want to check your landlord’s regulations to see if there are any rules that limit the day and time of your moving out. Also, check-in in advance with the moving company of your choice to know their availability.

IT Department (Computers, Data and Connections)

The IT department is the most critical part of your business. Thus, the moving of the servers and computers must be as seamless as possible and with minimal downtime.

Before the move, audit all the IT equipment. Use a specialised package so that everything arrives at the new office with no breakage. It’s equally crucial that the IT equipment is monitored throughout the transportation process. If stolen, the cost of the lost business data is far much more expensive.

Let’s Take Care of Your Office Removals

As specialists in office removals in York, we have everything it takes to move your business either within York or the wider U.K. We work closely with you to ensure an efficient, quick move because time is money, and we don’t want you to lose either. Reach out today for a free quote.

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