Here’s Why You Should Move to Harrogate

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Harrogate is a stunning beauty. There's a lot about the town that makes it a great place to live in. From its strategic location to its tea culture to the garden galore, you can never get enough of Harrogate. With that said, here is why you should consider moving to Harrogate.

Strategic Location

Harrogate, also known as North Yorkshire Spa town, is only 30 minutes' drive from Leeds. The town is located 20 miles north of Leeds. You can easily commute from Harrogate if you are working in Leeds.

When it comes to transportation, Harrogate is well connected. There are four railway stations: York, Bradford, Sheffield and Leeds.

The Leeds Bradford Airport is only 45 minutes drive. It will also interest you to know that the airport is served by direct buses from the Harrogate bus station, which depart every hour.

The train takes around 40 minutes to either York or Leeds. Additionally, you can get to Manchester airport by rail, which will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Suppose you are heading there by road. Within 2 hours, you'll be at your destination.

Places to Explore

Apart from its strategic location, Harrogate boasts 200 acres of open grassland, the stray. The stray surrounds a good part of Leed's town. It's the perfect spot for outdoor lovers. It’s also great for family day out, picnics, football matches, and flying kites if you have kids.

There is also the Valley Garden that sits on 17 acres of land. The garden has 36 wells and several beautiful gardens one can explore. Valley Gardens make out for a good relaxing stroll or family outing. There are also several activities that you can indulge in, including tennis, golfing, skating, paddling in the pool and boating, just to mention a few.

That's not all. If you are a climber or an outdoor person, Brihman rocks will definitely fascinate you. These unusual rocks are practically breathtaking. Their unnatural formation will leave you marvelling at nature.

And when you think Harrogate has given its best, you come across RHS Garden Harlow Carr, yet another fascinating garden situated at the gateway of Yorkshire Dale. This innovative garden is the epitome of horticulture prowess. You'll be swept off your feet, literally, with the alluring smell of jasmine, rose, lilies and wisteria.

And when you've enjoyed what nature has to offer, Harrogate will surprise you with its historical attraction. One of such places is the Ripley Castle and Garden. Situated at the edge of the Yorkshire Dale National Park, Ripley Castle is a sight to behold. Apart from its 14th century architecture, the castle has a rich history.

You'll find the history of the industrial revolution, renaissance, plaques and persecution interesting.

We've not even scratched the surface. The town has a lot to offer that only moving to Harrogate will give you the real picture of the things to do and places to explore.

High Tea Capital

If you are up for Yorkshire tea, then you'll love Bettys, the most sought after place in Harrogate for afternoon tea. You can get Bettys' cuppa with their mouth-watering cakes, sandwiches or pastries. Bettys has been operating since 1919, and they have been serving Harrogate's residents a steaming cup of tea since 1927.

A Happy City

There's no doubt that Harrogate is a picturesque town in Britain. But more than that, surveys show that it's one of the happiest cities to live in the U.K. Harrogate topped the Happy at Home Index by Rightmove from 2013 to 2017. And yes, it has been years, but still, the town ranks among the top ten happy cities in the U.K.

The ranking is based on several factors, including community, proximity to schools, contentment, access to green spaces, and friendliness, among others. Indeed, the Harrogate community is known for its friendly residents and community spirit. It's also safe. Moving to Harrogate will mean a vibrant life. Who doesn't want to live in a happy town?

A Hub of Opportunities

Harrogate is a hub of employment opportunities with over 9,000 firms. These firms employ over 75,000 people. Additionally, Harrogate is leading when it comes to conferences and exhibitions. It's the third-largest in the U.K. and among the largest international exhibitions hosts in Europe. Annually, Harrogate receives thousands of visitors from the world over. The international exhibitions inject £150 million into the local economy annually.

Good Schools

If you have school-going children, finding a good school is a priority. In Harrogate, you'll be spoilt for choice. The town is dotted with excellent state-funded and independent schools. On top of the list, you'll find Harrogate Grammar School, St. John Fisher Catholic High School and St. Aidan's Church of England High School. You'll also find reputable colleges for your college-going children.

Home to Designer Shops

While many rural towns complain about the lack of decent shops, Harrogate is completely different. The town boasts a wide range of boutiques and designer shops. Whether you are into vintage or fashion inspired by different cultures, you'll be spoilt for choice. Moreover, there is a wide selection of jewellery that even a picky shopper will find something worth taking home.

Property Hotspot

Harrogate has become a property hotspot in recent years, courtesy of the good amenities, excellent schools, good transport and job opportunities. Property development projects are going on in the town that would delight a young renter or buyer.

There are equally stunning detached homes that are ideal for individuals with families. If you go for flats, you can expect to pay £550 per month for a one-bedroom. On the other hand, buying can be on the higher side, with modest one-bedroom houses selling at £150,000 in the less affluent parts of the town.

Ready to Start Living in Harrogate?

Harrogate has a lot to offer. There are many places to explore, opportunities to tap into and great schools for your children, not to mention the amazing shopping experience.

Therefore, if you are convinced that moving to Harrogate is the next big thing, you have our full support. As a local Harrogate removal company, 1 Van 1 Man Removals is ready to help you settle in this beautiful town from anywhere in the U.K. We have a team of professional movers with years of experience. We are committed to providing exemplary house removal services. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


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