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At 1 Van 1 Man Removals, we listen carefully to your requirements before delivering a service that's high quality, personal, affordable, reliable and efficient.
We have listed our most frequent questions below, but if you have anything else you need to know then feel free to contact us - we're more than happy to help.

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  • Do You Give Invoices & Receipts For Our Records?

    Yes. Let us know how you would like to receive these and we can provide removal invoices/receipts in the format needed such as email or printed letter. We may have to post or forward these to you.

  • How Much Do You Charge For Office & House Removals In York?

    All removal work is charged by the hour. We assess each move on a "case by case" basis and try to estimate the number of hours required. We also tend to "round down" to the nearest hour in good faith should the removal take a little longer than intended.

    The first chargeable hour commences upon our arrival, with the clock running until the move is completed. Fill in our form and we will send a detailed pricing info for you consideration. Get A Quote Online Now

    We will try our hardest to arrive within the time scale agreed, but please remember that all arrival times are estimates and that delays are sometimes unavoidable due to traffic, accidents or extreme weather etc. We will always try to let you know if and when we are running late.

  • How Do I Pay & Is There Any Action For Non-Payment?

    A deposit is required to secure your moving date and can be paid by bank transfer to 1 Van 1 Man business account. The moving service cannot take place until a deposit has been made. Payment for any extra work completed on the day is due immediately upon completion which can be paid by card, bank transfer or cash to the driver. Any failure to pay for work carried out will result in court action taken against the failing parties. We are entitled by law to hold any items or goods we are storing on our customers' behalf until disputes are settled. See payments page for more info

  • How Long Will My Office / House Removal Take?

    Every delivery, courier job or removal service is tailored to your personal requirements. House removals and office relocations will differ in size and capacity, making it difficult for us to provide an estimate without speaking to you first.

    Your location, number of belongings, the distance between premises, accessibility and parking restrictions will all be taken into consideration before a price is offered.

    You can save time and money by doing some of the initial work yourself, mainly by packing items safely and parcelling them up sensibly with sealed lids. This will enable us to quickly load and offload the van during the removal. To help you further see our advice on how to pack for moving home

  • How Many Drivers Or movers Should I Book?

    When moving house, most customers choose to book a team of 2-3 removal men for the job. If your friends and family are willing to help you at both ends of the move, then you may be ok with just 1 of our movers.

    If using your own helpers, they need to be strong and able to fully assist our own removal professionals. They should know how to correctly lift and handle furniture and other heavy items in the interest of health and safety.

  • Do You Transport Pets?

    We will be happy to transport pets that are placed in a carry-cage, or sufficiently harnessed. We cannot transport animals that are aggressive in nature, or that are not properly harnessed for the journey.

    Please note that we are only prepared to transport pets over a short distance, and will not transport pets or any other animals over long distance moves.

  • How Big Are Your Vans?

    We offer a range of spacious vans ranging from 370 to 635 cubic feet in volume. Before your move we will gauge what size van you need so that no resources are wasted on either end. For more information about our fleet please see our van comparison guide.

  • Can I Ride In The Removal Van If I Don't Have My Own Transport?

    Since our van insurance coverage was revised, we are no longer permitted to transport passengers in our vans.

  • Are There Any Discounts Available?

    We can offer discounts to students and members of the public sector, it also depends on if we have any promotions going on at time of enquiry.  In order to qualify; inform us when calling or fill in our online form and simply produce an NUS, Armed Forces or Nursing card to the driver when he arrives, again that depends on our promotions at the time of enquiry.

  • Does 1 Van 1 Man Provide Storage?

    We can provide limited storage subject to availability. We'll be happy to help and quote you for storing your goods.

  • Are You Insured?

    We hold full "Goods In Transit" insurance and for the added peace of mind for our customers. In our commitment to safety, we always use protective blankets and load straps where required.

    Please note, customers requiring insurance cover for more than £10,000 will need to arrange additional cover with a 3rd-party insurance company.

  • Can You Offer Bubble Wrap Or Packing Services?

    We don't directly store boxes or packing supplies, but we would recommend ordering via Inner Space Station.

  • How Many Vans Do I Need?

    That depends on the size of your move, the journeys required to and fro, and the distance between your collection and delivery addresses. One van is usually enough, and we'll let you know when more are required. For more information about van usage please see our fleet section.

  • Should We Empty Drawers & Cupboards Before The Move?

    Generally we would say yes, it's best to empty everything and pack it separately to avoid damages and make furniture lighter to move. If items aren't breakable, are tightly packed and are light it may be ok to keep them contained in the drawers etc for the move. Check out  our organisation tips for smooth removals day.

  • Do You do Single Item Removals?

    Our affordability means we are often called upon for single item removals. This helps many home based businesses sell and buy on auction sites like eBay knowing they can have their items transported easily. Also find out how to make money selling on eBay

  • Can I Share Removals with a Friend?

    Yes!  We actually encourage students to share our removals services as we think spare space in our vans is a waste. As long as your belongings fit into the size of the van you've booked, you can split the cost with a friend and we can move two of you at the same time to the same destination. This is extremely popular in the summer when students return to the University after the holidays, please see our student removals services and Get A Quote Online now

  • What Happens if I Need to Cancel?

    As soon as you find out you need to cancel, contact us. The earlier you let us know, the less chance you have of losing more money.

    If you cancel or postpone the agreed removal work, the following terms and conditions will apply, click here

  • My House has Flooded Can You Move Me Quickly?

    Unfortunately the banks of the River Ouse do break and residents need moving quickly. The faster you move wet furniture, the more chance you have of it being rescued or repaired. We also understand that you may want to save the rest of your furniture while moving yourself and your family to somewhere safe.

    This is why we do offer emergency removals for floods or other unforeseen circumstances. Of course we can’t always guarantee our availability but if we do have the time, we will carry out your last minute removals in York.

  • Can You Recommend Other Services to Me?

    As a removals service in York we are proud to be a local business and have strong connections with other businesses in the area. We can always recommend trusted tradespeople to help you with your new home from decorating to cleaning windows.

  • I Have Surplus Furniture, Can You Dispose of it For Me?

    We have a strong eco policy which means we always endeavour to recycle in an ethical, environmentally friendly way. We can take your unwanted items if they are in good condition and ensure they end up in the right place where someone else can make use of it.

  • Do You Offer a Discount if I Move Items Myself?

    We are always looking for ways to cut costs for our customers and one way we do this is by offering our wait and load service. This allows you to benefit from all the advantages of van hire without the worry of providing documentation or returning the vehicle. We will act as drivers while you and your friends do the heavy lifting.

  • Where Can I See Your Reviews?

    We are very proud of our reviews and actively encourage all feedback as we know that this is the way to ensure we always meet customer demands. You can see what other customers thought of our removals service in York on Google+FreeIndexYellTrustpilotFacebook

  • Are You Available On Evenings And Weekends?

    Yes, we provide an evening and weekend service, even on Bank Holidays! This is especially useful for business owners who wish to move office outside of trading hours. Once we know the specifics we will arrange our calendar around your schedule.

  • Is There Anything You Won't Move?

    We won't move items that are illegal, hazardous to health, explosive, unhygienic or liable to attract vermin. For more detail on this please read our full terms and conditions.

  • Does your Company Move Pianos?

    Absolutely. Pianos are very delicate to transport and require an expert's hand to move. We're qualified pianos movers and offer this as a dedicated service.

  • Is it cheaper to hire a moving company?

    Yes. A moving company is cheaper because they'll give you estimates of the moving cost and schedule early on.

    They'll also do the loading and unloading of your furniture and boxes in record time.

    You don't have to worry about losing items while on the move or any additional costs.

  • How do I choose a removal company in the UK?

    Here is a step-by-step process of choosing a removal company.

    -Search online

    -Ask for recommendations from friends and family

    -Search local directory

    -Check reviews

    -Check the removal company accreditation

    -Write down your requirements

    -Shortlist the removal company you'll invite for quotes

    -Secure a pre-move survey

    -Compare the quotes

    -Settle for one that will give you the highest value for your money

    Find the full article on how to choose a removal company here.

  • How much does it cost to move a 3 bedroom house in the UK?

    On average, you can expect to pay £1,200.

    This includes professional packing services, packing materials, dismantling and reassembling furniture, and loading and unloading.

    House removal only can be £900.

    The average price may vary depending on the company, distance traveled, labour cost, and extra services. Read here to find out more.

  • What will movers not take?

    Here is a comprehensive list of what movers will not take.

    -Perishable foods

    -pets and plants

    -Valuable items like birth certificates, marriage certificates, photo albums, family jewelry and antiques.

    -Dangerous items such as fire extinguishers, aerosols, firearms and ammunition, petrol, fireworks and motor oil.

    Every company has its own list. It's advisable to consult before the moving day. Find out more here

  • How far in advance should you schedule movers?

    Four to six weeks before your move is a perfect time.

  • Do you tip your movers?

    Tipping movers is not an obligation.

    But if you are impressed with their job, you can express your gratitude by giving a tip. Here is our tip

  • How do you pack a removal van?

    Here are pro-tips to pack a van.

    -Purchase moving packs, accessories, and equipment

    -Load heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top

    -Load in a row and ensure you use the entire height of the vehicle.

    -Pack heavy items like furniture towards the front of the van.

    -Electrical items like the fridge should be packed upright.

    -Small items should be on the floor, under the chair, or inside cupboards.

    -Shelving and mirrors should be secured along the walls to prevent them from moving.

    -Place items front to front and back to back.

  • How much do removal firms charge in York, UK

    The average removal cost in York is £269.

    The exact cost varies depending on the factors a removal company bases their prices on.

    This includes the size of the move, distance from the origin to the destination, the number of movers, the difficulty of the move, and the schedule of your move.

    To find even more check out our blog on how much do house removal companies charge

  • How much do removal firms charge in the UK?

    The cost of moving, loading and unloading is as follows for different house sizes.

    -Moving a one-bedroom house starts from £350 for 50 miles.

    -Moving a two-bedroom house over 50 miles distance starts from £600.

    -Three-bedroom house moving cost starts from £900 for a 50 miles distance.

    -A four-bedroom house, on average, may cost £1200 for a 50 miles distance.

    -Five-bedroom house costs around £1400 to move 50 miles.

    Requiring additional services like packing, unpacking, dismantling, and assembly will cost more.

    Click this link for a full article on house removal costs.

  • What is a house clearance company?

    A house clearance company removes household items to prepare a property for sale or rent, create space, or clear a deceased loved one's home. Here is how it works

  • Do you get paid for house clearance?

    You can get paid from house clearance if the company sells the valuable content from your clearance, and the amount earned surpasses the disposal fee.

  • What is involved in house clearance?

    House clearance involves several steps. Here is an outline of the process.

    -Get an estimate from multiple house clearance companies.

    -Compare the prices and services.

    -Book house clearance services

    -The house clearance process

    -House clearance companies reuse, recycle or donate your items

  • Do house clearance companies take everything?

    Yes. Reputable house removal companies take everything.

    They'll separate hazardous materials, recyclables, disposables and donations, but please check before hiring as dome removal firms have restrictions.

  • What is the average cost of house clearance?

    On average, an extra small clearance weighing 250 kg can cost £80, and a 500kg clearance may cost around £175.

    • Medium size clearance that fills three-quarters of a van is around £250.
    • A large clearance of about 1000kg may cost you £350.
    • The actual house clearance cost depends on the volume of items to be cleared.
  • What is the cheapest way to get rid of rubbish?

    The cheapest ways to get rid of rubbish include:

    -Public recycling centre in your locality

    -Donation to charity organizations


    -Hiring a skip

     Here is our top 5 tips

  • How long does a house clearance take?

    The duration varies depending on the size of the house and the quantity of items.

    But the rule of thumb is half a day per room for a two-man team.

  • Do house clearances take clothes?

    Yes. House clearance companies take everything, including clothes.

  • What is the cheapest way to move furniture long distances?

    The cheapest way is to rent a truck and transport the furniture yourself. This way, you'll save the cost of movers and the driver.

  • How do I get rid of large household items?

    There are several options here. You can apply for a special collection of large waste items with your council's bulky waste collection service.

    You can also use retailer-take-back services, house clearance companies, or council dumps at your local household waste and recycling centre.

  • How much does rubbish removal cost in York?

    Rubbish removal companies charge an average of £60 - £85 for a sofa removal, man & van, house rubbish, garden waste, or office rubbish.

    The cost goes up if the items are extra heavy, if you add mutiple items or have whole house to clear.

    Other rubbish removal companies charge by the number of items, say ten items cost £24 per item equals £240.

    Always check with your waste provider before booking.

  • How can I move cheaply in the UK?

    -Use second-hand boxes

    -Get creative with packaging. Instead of buying bubble wrap, use old newspapers and towels to wrap items.

    -Declutter to reduce the quantity of items

    -Compare moving quotes before choosing the right man and van.

  • How much money should I save before moving out of my parents house?

    There's no specific amount because what you'll need depends on your personal lifestyle.

    When moving out, the rule of thumb is to save an amount equivalent to 3-6 months of your living expenses.