You've got the keys, the York removals company are right behind you and you’ve spotted the flask of tea. You’ve arrived at your new home however you must not relax just yet. There are a number of pieces of information that you need to obtain from your estate agent, whether you’ve bought or are renting before everything is handed over and finalised. Many of these points could be researched before moving day to save time.

Use this list as a reminder or as an actual checklist to ensure you obtain all of the information needed from your estate agent so that your move and settling in period goes as smoothly as possible.

Have I Got All the Keys?

Don’t assume that the set of keys you are handed are the one and only copy. Ask if previous owners or tenants left keys with neighbours or family members or indeed whether the estate agent has a set. For safety and security you have every right to have possession of all keys previously held by neighbours etc. The estate agent having an emergency set for a tenancy is one thing however when buying a place you should be the only key-holders.

What is the Burglar Alarm Code?

Nothing says “Hi, we are the new neighbours” like the piercing wail of the burglar alarm for three hours on your first night into the property. Ensure you receive all of the information on any home security system, including how to change passcodes if required,

Utility and Internet Companies

Check in advance who currently supplies the property for gas and electricity and whether there is a phone line installed. Having this information in advance enables you to contact new suppliers about the switchover if necessary and arrange an engineer to come out to sort the internet, phone lines and even Sky TV.
Confirm meter readings on moving in day with the estate agent, particularly if the house is rented.

Appliances and Heating Systems

There is so much variety between the different types of heating systems and appliances these days. Ask your estate agent to have copies of all manuals and instructions on hand for when you move in so you don’t waste precious hours trying to get the boiler fired up for hot water and heating. Asking where the water stop cock is may also be a good idea as they are sometimes quite well hidden.


Don’t forget to ask about where you may park your vehicle / vehicles. Some areas have residential parking bays, allocated parking or restrictions where other places are very straightforward. Check in advance to avoid annoying neighbours.

This article is part of our House Removal Advice series.