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Self-Storage Removals: Relocate To and From York Storage

Looking for removal and storage companies in York

We’ll move your stuff to or from any self storage facility in York. Whether that’s a house clearance, an auction collection, storing vintage motorcycles, an art exhibition or industrial machinery, you can be guaranteed that the 1 Van 1 Man Removals service promises a quick and fuss-free result.

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Reasons to move items into a York self storage facility

What do you need from a large van, a capable driver and a big spacious storage unit? Our customers find a wide range of purposes for their items. These include:

House removals and storage - York domestic self-storage

Need to hold a three piece suite, an unused car or stacks of old books? Putting domestic items into storage frees up valuable space in the home, garden and garage. When people move to a new house, we’re often asked to transport spare items to a facility to avoid cluttering up the new home.

Old white goods, for example, are often put into storage when replaced with a superior model. They are later sold or given away, but at least in the interim they don’t spoil the front garden or utility room. Many a fridge-freezer unit has made its final journey in our van, while its owner beams at all the free space it has left!

Complete removals and storage - York business self storage

Some businesses run on a biannual or seasonal basis, often requiring large machinery or equipment to be stored safely in the fallow years. Festival stalls or craft traders - with all their stages, cooking and exhibition equipment - prefer to keep the goods tidied away in the winter months while they plan for the following summer.

Alternatively, business owners may need additional space to bolster a tiny office. They find that certain documents, office furniture and computer equipment are best stored offsite until the company grows. Company archives do not need to clutter up a tiny office, if a storage facility is just down the road. The same goes for those dozens of chairs and tables that are only used at the annual AGM.

Self-Storage for buying/selling items

Online trading is not limited to small packages and eBay delivery. Some people sell cars, motorbikes, sheds, summer houses and heavy garden architecture. These transactions do not take place immediately, and there can be long crossover periods while buyer and seller prepare the relevant arrangements.

In these cases, people use storage companies to temporarily house large items and declutter the home. Sellers can often be seen at their storage facilities, tinkering away at cars and giving them a last polish before handing over the keys.

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We will advise you on self-storage options

1 Van 1 Man Removals have been trading in York for a long time, and we’re often called upon for advice on how to properly store and manage large items in the city. Our team will happily help you with anything you’re unsure about, including:

  • Where to get good quality boxes for storage (we personally recommend Inner Space Box Shop).
  • What size of unit to choose to store your belongings
  • What size of van we will choose to deliver your items
  • How best to pack and secure the item to ensure a smooth and damage-free journey to the storage facility
  • How many trips it will take to transport the items - we try and keep that to a minimum!

Our staff are experienced and enthusiastic; we’ll be more than happy to advise you on whatever storage dilemma you’re having.

Removals and storage quote - moving Items Out Of York Storage?

Check out our library of removal advice, written specifically to help you with moving home.

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Best removals and storage - Size Estimator

Need a visual guide to how items stack up in specific storage units? Check out Storage King’s Size Estimator. This neat little feature gives you a 3D rotating view of anything from 10 to 200 square feet!

For storage deliveries large and small, contact 1 Van 1 Man Removals. Our online form lets you easily request a quote with minimal effort. We’ll help you in no time at all, so get in touch with the details and we’ll do the rest!

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