Store Collection is one of our most popular removals services in York as many are realising the reduced costs of being able to collect heavy goods from a store.

Collections available from:   Ikea, Costco, All department Stores, Currys, Comet, Furniture Stores, White Goods Stores, Residential Collections, Auction Rooms + Many More!

There are many reasons our customers choose 1 Van 1 Man for their store collections including:

Cheap Removal Prices

Some stores will offer delivery however their prices are often expensive. Our customers know they can benefit from cheaper store collection with 1 Van 1 Man

Urgent Need of Products

The store may have the product in stock but many have delivery dates that leave you without your purchase for days. Our customers know that with 1 Van 1 Man they could receive their product the very same day.

Lack of Man Power

When the store doesn’t offer delivery, our customers need experienced people that are used to lifting heavy items. Of course, 1 Van 1 Man has all the experience, and muscle, needed to transport your purchases from the store to your home.

Lack of Space

It’s often the case that our customers find a bargain item while out shopping but can’t fit it in the car. This is where we step in as our van can hold any sized item and have it delivered to you within hours of you returning from your shopping trip


With many stores a delivery time cannot be specified. This problem is eradicated with 1 Van 1 Man as we can pick up the item from the store and deliver it at a time to suit you, not the other way around.

Whatever your reason for needing store collection, we have you and your purchase covered. Contact us now to book your store collection and join the hundreds of people who would never choose any other removals service in York than 1 Van 1 Man.

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