How To Move With A Pet: Step By Step

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If you find moving stressful, spare a thought for your pet. They can get very confused by the process; new smells, alien territory and lots of travel make a cocktail of worries for our furry little friends. Today, we’re going to walk you step-by-step through making your pet’s move as comfortable as possible.

Follow this guide and your pet will be wagging their tails and purring in no time!

1. Contact Your Vet

Just like you would a doctor, it’s important to notify your vet that you are moving. Make sure you’ve registered at a new practice long before making the move, and remember to update your pet’s microchip!

If your pet is on medication, make sure they’ve received a fresh prescription before the move so that they stay fit and healthy.

2. Arrange Pet Sitting

There are three ways of moving with a pet. First, you could book them into kennels and make the move without them. If this is the case, make sure you leave plenty of familiar items around: chew toys, blankets, even your own clothes.

Second, you could arrange for your animals to live with a pet sitter for a time. This could be a friend, a family member or a professional team such as York Pet Sitters or Petpals York.

The other route is to move with your pet beside you. This ensures they have your company throughout the process and don’t feel abandoned. If so, you’ll have to accommodate space for them on each leg of the journey - that means a spare front seat or packing a carrier in the back.

3. Prepare The New Home

It goes without saying that you want your new home to be as pet friendly as possible. Prepare the following to make the house seem familiar and welcoming. We want to cause as little shock and upset as possible. For your pet, this should be an exciting adventure they’ll share with their best friend!

  • Leave familiar scents in every room; old clothes, blankets and toys.
  • Inspect the garden for anything hazardous, or for possible escape routes.
  • Stock up on pet food, especially treats to coax them into the unfamiliar setting.

4. Their Moving Day

Your moving day might fall on a different date to your pet’s. When the time comes for them to enter the new home, be extra sensitive to their needs. This includes:

  • Giving your pet time to adjust, alone. Let them explore the home and sniff the furniture.
  • Give dogs a good walk around the block so they can get some perspective on where they are.
  • Keep cats indoors for a few days so they become attached to the home and don’t try to wander back!

Besides all that, make sure your pet gets plenty of love and attention during the move. It’s as much their new home as it is yours! We wish you many years of cosy living together.

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