9 House Removal Tips to Make Your Move Go Smoother

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Anything you can do to make a house move less stressful, you have to do it. We aren't exaggerating when we say that moving house can be the most stressful thing you ever do.

But there are ways of mitigating that stress appropriately. In fact, with the right approach, you can actually make the whole process quite enjoyable. But to do so you have to know the tips and tricks to house moving.

That's why we've covered these 9 removal tips, to keep you from going stress crazy as you move! Follow this advice, and we promise that the removal process will go considerably smoother.

1. Removal Tips: Declutter First

First things first, you need to declutter your house. That means cleaning your house and keeping it clean.

We can't stress how important this is as a first step. If you don't declutter, you have no idea where any of your belongings are. This makes planning for a move infinitely more stressful.

You'll be worrying whether or not you remembered everything, or stressing that you can't find that important piece of paperwork. Decluttering is an important first step in preparing yourself to pack all your belongings properly for a move.

2. Make a List

We know, it sounds like even more hard work writing everything down. But it's honestly not a lot of time invested for a way smoother pack in the long run.

Make a list of all the things you need to remember, in the form of a checklist. This way, you can refer to your list every day and check something off.

It makes you feel like you're always making progress with the move and makes it a lot less daunting of a task. It also ensures you remember everything!

3. Book the Removal Van

Before you start packing too much, make sure you book the right removal van service first. 

You need to do your research when booking your removal van. Make sure you find a service provider whose vans are insured, reliable and flexible with what you need.

This way, you can book a particular date and time and stick to it. The best removal van services will be able to complete most jobs quickly, but will also be able to advise you as you prepare.

4. Start a Room by Room Approach

Your next major tip is packing room by room. This lets you focus on areas of the house that aren't used much first, like a guest room or a storage closet.

This ensures you can keep living in your house in the early stages of your packing. It also means you can focus on the intricacies of packing certain rooms, like packing your kitchen goods safely.

5. Label Everything!

This room by room approach is important as it helps you when it comes to labelling. This is maybe the most important tip to remember when packing, and not because it helps during the packing process itself.

No, labelling will help you when it comes to unpacking. You'll know where everything belongs, and it'll speed up this part of your move exponentially. This is important for things that go in specific rooms like your vintage wine collection.

You can keep rooms in designated boxes, which helps keep everything orderly.

6. Make Sure You're Using Quality Packaging Materials

We've all been there; there are those half-ripped cardboard boxes in the attic you can use to move with, rather than buying new boxes you'll never use again.

This is a good cost-effective idea, but you have to make sure what you package your belongings with is quality and you have the right tools. If it isn't, you're more liable for things to break during transit, either to the van itself or on your journey.

7. Take Photographs of Certain Set-ups

Another tip that'll help you during unpacking is to take photographs of certain set-ups. If you like your photographs aligned in a particular way, take a photo so you can replicate it quickly in your new home.

This also works wonders for those complex TV wires. It'll ensure you can quickly hook your TV back up without panicking about which component goes where.

With packing, it's about making things easy during packing as well as during unpacking, so the whole process is as smooth as possible.

8. Remember to Pack up Your Utilities

They aren't physical belongings, but when moving you need to remember to move your utilities like energy or water. You'll also need to register to vote if you're moving to a new area and look up your new council tax band if you haven't already.

These are parts of the moving process that people often forget, but that remains very important.

You could end up paying for a few months worth of utilities on your old home before you realise you forgot to cancel. Add this job to your checklist to make sure it gets done.

9. Don't Panic on Moving Day

It can be easy to get swept up in the fervour of moving house, but the most important thing to do on moving day is not panic.

Check everything past your checklist so you don't forget anything. Make sure you communicate with your movers too, as they'll be on hand to help you with large items like furniture.

Moving house is one of the most exciting things to do, so don't let the experience be spoilt by worrying. With the right removal team, there's no need to panic!

Where Can I Find a House Removal Service?

With those 9 removal tips, you'll find moving house way easier. But ultimately, for the smoothest house move, you need a reliable removal van service.

That's where 1 Van 1 Man comes in. We work to remove the stress of moving house from you by providing dedicated removals in Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

If you're planning a move and want to talk it through with our dedicated support team, make sure to contact us directly via this webpage. Or, you can contact us via phone on our number, 01904 390 906. 

We offer fully flexible support during your house move, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Just make sure to remember these tips, and don't panic!


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