How To Choose The Perfect Moving Date

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When’s the perfect time to move house? Does it really impact the removal experience? We’re often so absorbed with the where, that we don’t think about the when. Here we explain the differences between seasons, times of the month and even days. The right time depends on your personal circumstances, but we hope these tips will help you find the perfect moving date. Here we go…

The Most Popular Time Of The Year To Move House

Summer is generally seen as a good period to move for families. With the kids out of school, it cuts out the time spent ferrying them to and fro, checking homework and arranging afterschool activities. You can get them involved with the move and encourage them to treat it like an adventure.

If you’re moving far away and your children are switching schools, then summer offers a nice transitional break for them. They can acclimatise to the new home without being rushed into a new class over the half term break.

Alternatively, some families opt for Winter or Christmas removals. They do so because it avoids holiday traffic jams and stuffy summers. Removal companies tend to be more flexible around this time of year precisely because fewer people move house. Furthermore, moving home in time for Christmas marks a clean break from the old. New Year, new pad, new life!

When To Move In A Given Month?

Does it matter what time of the month you move? The answer depends on your work and your local removal company. The beginning and end of the month tend to be busier for moving firms, as those are the natural book ends in which people like to make changes. It’s therefore tempting to move towards the middle of the month, as that’s a quieter period for logistics.

At the same time, moving home should revolve heavily around payday. There are many unforeseen expenses that you might not have considered - from subscription renewals and stocking the fridge to tools, home decor and lightbulbs. Whatever life throws your day, you’ll be grateful for a little extra cash to play with when you’ve settled in. 

The Best Day For Moving House 

The best day for moving home hinges on your work/life schedule, but there are general points to observe. Fridays and weekends are very popular because there’s less time to book off work, and friends are more available to help you pack/load and arrange the new house. Conversely, other folks opt for weekdays to get the removal out of the way, that way they can put their feet up and relax over the weekend before returning to work on Monday.

Whenever you choose to move, we wish you the best of luck with it!

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