10-Step Final Walk-Through Checklist for Homebuyers

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Buying a new house is a major step. After a thorough professional inspection has been conducted, there are still a few things you need to check on your own. You ought to approach it seriously to verify that a seller made all the agreed-upon repairs and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you move in. We picked some of the most important items to add to your final walk-through checklist. They will help ensure that your new house lives up to your expectations.

1. Take Essential Items with You

When visiting your future property, the last time before closing a deal, don’t forget to take a few necessary items with you. Those should include the inspection report, smartphone with a good camera to document any possible issues, notepad and a pen to take some notes, a phone charger (or any small device) to check that electricity sockets work, as well as your real estate contract. We also recommend that your real estate agent is with you as you carry out the final wall-through examination. Because agents deal with property all the time, they are able to point out at some issues or answer the questions you might have.

2. Check All the Appliances that Come with the House

It’s great if previous owners leave some appliances but the question is whether they work properly. You surely don’t want to pay for items that end up being out of order. That’s why you need to take a full list of such appliances and check if they operate well. If your contract includes some furniture items, too, make sure they are on-site and in good condition. You can also plaster stickers on things that should stay in the house so that removals in York do not mistakenly pick them up when previous owners leave.

3. Examine all the Post-Inspection Repairs

The inspection summary you have on hand includes a list of all the flaws the current homeowners promised to fix. You need to go over every one of them and verify that the agreed-upon repairs have been made. Also, don’t forget to ask the seller to provide warrantees for all works, receipts, as well as contact details of the person or organization that performed them. If something breaks shortly after you move in, you will be able to get it replaced or repaired at no charge instead of paying for it from your own pocket.

4. Check Plumbing in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Leaking taps can overshadow the first days in your new house. If you noticed that something is not ok with plumbing fixtures, then it’s best to solve these issues before you take up residence. You need to turn cold and hot water on in the kitchen and bathroom to ensure that taps do not spray water and there are no annoying puddles around the tap base. Also, you should look closely at the sinks, bathtub, shower booth, and toilet to see if they drain properly. While you are in the bathroom, carefully inspect the walls to verify that they are mould-free.

5. Test Window and Door Functionality

It goes without saying that windows and doors should open and close effortlessly. As for the front door, ask the current owners for the key and close/open the lock to try and detect any possible malfunctions. In the same way, check the latches and make sure that storm windows and screens haven’t been removed.

6. Look if Any Plants have been Removed from the Garden or Yard

When you buy a house, everything that is inside and outside (except seller’s personal belongings) is part of the bargain, unless your real estate contract specifies otherwise. If during the initial inspection a garden around the house had a lot of trees and shrubs but your final walk-through detected only pits in the ground, it’s a reason to sound the alarm. Perhaps the previous owners decided to remove the most valuable plants and re-plant them around their new property. However, if they haven’t previously discussed these details with you, this is a contract violation.

7. Make Sure that Electrical System is Fine

First of all, you need to turn the lights on and off in every room. Also, if you brought along a phone charger (or any small electric device), plug it into all the sockets that you meet on your way around the house. Such a simple test will help you detect possible problems with the wiring and the electrical system as a whole, which you surely want to get fixed before closing the deal.

8. Verify that there are no Unwanted ‘Tenants’

Termites, wasps, mice, rats, and other pests aren’t roommates you’d like to have in your new house. During your final walk-through, carefully inspect all wooden surfaces as they are favourite dwellings for bugs and worms. If you notice wooden structures that are crumbling, dotted with small holes, too soft, or of an atypical colour, it is likely that they are affected by pests. This is a very serious problem and it may give you grounds to pull out of the deal.

9. Check Air Conditioning and Heating

Don’t forget about heating and cooling since a comfortable indoors environment is probably the main reason why you buy a new house. So, don’t hesitate to turn the heating system on and see how it works. The same goes for the air conditioning system and water heater.

10. Examine the Property Outside

External inspection is as important as the internal one. You need to look out for any signs of mould, wet spots on the walls, and mossy surfaces as they indicate poor waterproofing, insufficient insulation, as well as issues with drainage. Speaking of which, if you see drainage grates in the yard, it won’t hurt to look and size up their condition. On top of that, you need to test out sprinklers, outdoor lighting, garage doors, as well as inspect any outdoor structures (gazebo, shed, etc.).

You should carefully document all your findings and consult with your real estate agent about the next steps. If your inspection has shown that everything is alright, you can strike a deal and start packing. Also, do you need a house removals company to move your belongings to a new residence?

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