How Much Does It Cost to Dispose of Furniture?

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You can quickly transform how your house looks by switching old furniture with a new one. Furniture removal service providers help you dispose of old furniture or the ones you don't use at a competitive fee. The furniture can be resold, recycled or disposed of, depending on its condition.

If the furniture can be resold or recycled, you'll get a subsidized rate, or the disposal company can do it for free. However, most furniture disposal options will require you to spend some money. So, how much will it cost you to dispose of furniture? Here is a breakdown of how much you can expect to spend.

Furniture disposal

Furniture Disposal Cost

The cost of furniture disposal ranges from £20-£60. However, the cost varies depending on different factors, including:

  • The weight/size of the furniture

  • The number of items you need to dispose

  • Accessibility to your place

  • Your location

  • The disposal method used

  • The condition of the furniture

If you put the disposal methods into consideration, you can opt for the tip, local council, skip furniture disposal services, delivery company, or sell the furniture.

Suppose you use a tip. Consider the cost of hiring a vehicle to transport furniture to the tip. But remember, council tips have a height restriction. You shouldn't hire a van. Mostly council tip is free. However, you should confirm beforehand. Also, confirm the kind of rubbish the tip accepts. And lastly, bring proof of residence—like a recent utility bill or a driving license.

You can also opt to sell the furniture on Facebook or Gumtree. The catch is that your furniture must be in good condition to fetch a reasonable price.

When it comes to using the local council, the charges range from £10-£20. But this is dependent on your location. In some places like Richmond, council furniture disposal costs £60. There are specific items that the local councils collect for free. So, inquire in advance about what these items are.

On average, local councils charge £40 for disposing of a fridge, sofa, and mattress. Please note that the cost of each council is different. Therefore, ask about the rates first. Assuming you'll use a skip, the cost can range from £105-£400. Another equally great option is to use a delivery company. When delivering new furniture, say a mattress, they can take the old one with them at a fee. John Lewis charges around £30, while IKEA is around £20.

Cost of furniture disposal

Last on the list is a furniture disposal company. These are professionals who specialize in furniture removals. Their prices are reasonable, and they also offer flexibility. Their costs vary widely. However, you can expect to pay £50 if the furniture is disposed of by itself and £30 if it's part of a larger job. A mattress may cost you £40 by itself and only £15 as part of a larger job. A fridge is around £50 if it's disposed of by itself—a combination of fridge, sofa and mattress costs around £100. If you have several pieces of furniture to dispose of, the cost can go up to £200.

Now, if you live in an area where the local council's cost of furniture removal is above average, a private furniture removal service is a better option. They are affordable, and, unlike the council, they'll pick the furniture from your house, not outside. Further, they'll give you a specific pickup time, no waiting around for two weeks like with the council.

Finding a Trusted Furniture Disposal Company

You must be careful in choosing a furniture disposal company. Because if the company disposes of the furniture inappropriately, you’ll be charged for inappropriate waste disposal. You can get the best services if you settle for the right one. So, how exactly can you identify a trusted furniture disposal company?

First things first, check the company’s online profile. This information will help you understand their services, legitimacy and rates better. Next, look for a company with an upper-tier waste license to remove and dispose of your furniture. From there, check the company reviews. The reviews will give you a good picture of what the furniture disposal services offer. They may have a license but poor customer service. Suppose the reviews are positive. Proceed to check the pricing. You want a company that offers the best services at competitive prices.

Choose the Best Furniture Removal Services

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